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The beautiful south of Crete.

Before you reach your final destination of Matala or Komos beach there are many beautiful villages, monasteries and archaeological sites to see. You can visit the archaeological palace of Gortyna, once the capital of Crete. Overlooking the plains of Messara is the palace of Festos which is about 6000 years old and is just as famous as the Minoan palace of Knossos. On the way you can also visit the convent at Kalyvianni, one of the most beautiful on Crete. From the picturesque village of Kouses, where silence is golden, you have a magnificent view of the twin peaks of Mount Psiloritis. There is a herb collector at Kouses,with his own shop, who will tickle your nose with aromatic delights. On to the idyllic village of Sivas where you can taste Cretan specialities in one of the tavernas in the square followed by a drive through the almost deserted village of Listaros coming to the monastery at Odigitria, 6-7 kilometers away. We reach our final destination of Matala, a small, sandy cove with tavernas and snack bars overlooking the beach. There are small, winding walkways with tourist shops on either side. Matala was popular in the ’60’s when hippies from all over the world came to live in the caves next to the beach and even today it has kept some of the atmosphere of those times. You can swim there or visit Komos beach just 5 minutes away. This is a beach which has protection for the turtles that go to lay their eggs there. The water is lovely and clear and nudity is allowed if you wish.

Tour length: 6 hours.
Price per car for up to 4 people: 200 Euros

The idyllic Eastern Crete.


On the journey to Lassithi Plateau there is an oppurtunity to stop at the man-made dam at Aposelemi where, depending on the water level, part of the village of Sfendili may be visible. Continuing on from there we reach the Plateau of Lassithi through the mountains where you can visit the impressive caves that are the birthplace of Zeus. Also along the way you can visit the Homo Sapiens Museum or the Eco Zoo Park. From Lassithi you can drive down the mountains through tiny, picturesque, traditional Cretan villages to the delightful port of Agios Nikolaos with its famous bottomless lake of Aphrodite. Then for a drive along the beach road to up market Elounda which has some of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in Greece attracting film stars, entertainers and political figures.
From the ports of Elounda and Agios Nikolaos it is possible to visit the island of Spinalonga which was a leper colony and made famous by Victoria Hislop in her book “The Island”.

Tour length: 6 hours.
Price per car for up to 4 people: 200 Euros

The wild mountains of central Crete.


This is an excursion away from the well developed coastline and tourist spots into the wild Psiloriti mountains where old traditions are still alive and time seems to have stood still. This is where the real Cretans live, in villages such as Anogeia, where they make some of the best cheese on the island. From here you can drive to the summit of Psiloriti some 2500 metres above sea level. This drive is full of fantastic photo opportunities and panoramic views. In between Anogeia and the summit you will find the cave where Zeus spent his youth. It’s possible to see huge vultures circling on high on the drive to Zoniana. This is a village where the people live life the way they choose without too much care for authority and the Cretan spirit of freedom is alive and well. There is also a huge multicoloured cave with stalactites and stalagmites. This is a journey full of small, idyllic villages where you can try extremely tasty Cretan food in one of the traditional Cretan tavernas. After this very impressive journey of around 7 hours you will be able to feel Crete running through your veins.

Price per car for up to 4 people: 240 Euros.

Charming West Crete 1-Rethymnon.

Experience the diverse beauty of western Crete. Journey through the wild mountains of Crete, along the old national road, with the aroma of fresh herbs hanging in the air and views of the goats crossing. You can drive through tranquil, dreamy villages and even sit under an ancient pine tree as you drink an original Cretan coffee and watch the world go by. In the lively, picturesque old town of Rethymnon you can stroll through the narrow streets which are reminiscent of Venice. You can visit the huge Venetian fortress or simply enjoy a leisurely walk along the busy fishing port. After you can drive to the historic village of Maroulas, which was built by the Venetians and which offers breathtaking views of Rethymnon and the entire coast and surrounding mountains. The village has a quaint shop which sells fragrant teas and tinctures for every occasion or ailment made up from the abundant herbs that are grown locally. Of course there is always the possibility, if desired, to taste original Cretan specialities in the family friendly, hospitable tavernas.

Tour length: 6 hours.
Price per car for up to 4 people: 200 Euros.

Charming West Crete 2-Chania and Georgioupolis.

On this tour you will visit the most beautiful city on Crete, Chania, with an excellently preserved old town. Chania boasts one of the best preserved Venetian fortresses on the island, along with the harbour and it’s famous lighthouse, and it presents many wonderful photo opportuities. Take a stroll through the maze of scented alleyways overgrown with flowers of every colour or visit the oriental style market with its pungent aroma that will tickle your sense of smell.
Why not sit in one of the Cretan tavernas there and partake of the many dishes you will find and even taste the traditonal Cretan liquor, Raki, which is popular in every household. After Chania you can journey on to the long, sandy beach of Georgioupolis where you can enjoy a long, cool swim or maybe just a Greek coffee by the sea.

Tour length: 7 hours.
Price per car for up to people: 240 Euros.

Crete’s Dream Beaches 1-Prevelis.

You’re first visit to Prevelis will be absolutely unforgettable. The first sight, from above, of the beach and palm trees below is so breathtakingly beautiful you’ll imagine you are on a tropical island… believe me. The beach has the open sea on one side and on the other a fresh mountain stream that flows down through a palm filled gorge. It is possible to swim in this sweet water and also to explore the palm filled gorge. You can see on our Facebook page, Happytaxi4u, videos of Preveli Gorge and beach. If you wish you can visit the fortified monastery at Preveli with its hand drawn icons and breathtaking views. On the return journey you can visit the old town of Rethymnon for a little shopping or a light snack.

Tour length: 7 hours.
Price per car for up to 4 people: 240 Euros.

Crete’s Dream Beaches 2-Triopetra.

One of the unknown jewels of Crete is the Triopetra beach. The journey takes a little longer but you won’t be disappointed by the untouched nature there.
Triopetra is a kilometre long, unspoilt and underdeveloped sandy beach with crystal clear water which acts like a fountain of youth on your body and soul.
There is a small taverna with delicious fresh fish and traditional Cretan food, wonderful after extensive swimming and sunbathing. Triopetra is the ultimate getaway from the usual tourist spots on the island. After the beach you can make an optional short stop in the historic town of Rethymnon.

Tour length: 7 hours.
Price per car for up to 4 people: 240 Euros.

Crete’s Dream Beaches 3-Agio Farago (Holy Gorge).

agio farago

Another trip off the usual tourist path is to the Holy Gorge in south Crete in the vicinity of Matala. The deserted ravine,overgrown with oleanders, leads down to a sandy bay which is an unforgettably moving experience. On the way to the Holy Gorge you can visit the monastery of The Holy Mary (Odigitria) which is historically important with the 400 year occupation by the Turks. The gorge is not passable by car to the very end so there is a short walk of about 20 minutes to reach the beach.

Tour length: 7 hours.
Price per car for up to 4 people: 240 Euros.